Product Spotlight – 90MM Bi-LED

Welcome back to ABC’s Product Spotlight…

90MM Round Modular Bi-LED Headlamp

Today we are featuring the Bi-LED Headlight by Stellar Lighting. LED headlights far surpass their halogen and HID counterparts. The benefits of LED headlights allow your vehicle to be more efficient, reliable, and ultimately, a lot safer. Check out some of the advantages of LED Headlights.

  1. They require less power to operate.
  2. Led require very little maintenance.
  3. Less wear on the vehicle’s charging system and requiring less fuel to operate.
  4. These headlamps enhance the road safety because of clear illumination.
  5. It has very high service life compared to other types of headlamps.
  6. It also enhances the styling of the vehicle.
  7. LED’s put less strain on the eyes of the driver.

Click Here to see all the features and spec’s on Stellar Lighting’s website.