Schutz Brothers' horse tack is made to use and enjoy with minimal maintenance, however, the harsh and varied equine environment presents challenges to even the best horse equipment. Heat and perspiration, extreme cold and dryness, dirt in every way, shape, and form, plus heavy use, all take their toll on tack over time.

Be sure to clean and inspect your tack every time you saddle up, paying special attention to buckle holes, laces and fasteners. Worn holes and dry leather components are more apt to fail. A periodic cleaning and/or conditioning with your favorite products not only cares for the leather, it also allows for proper inspection of your horse tack.

If anything appears in question, replace it immediately. A light oil can be wiped on occasionally to extend the life of your tack, but be careful not to overdo it's application. Never soak your tack in oil as this can have a negative effect on the leather fibers.

Happy and safe riding!


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